Comments for Nike Kaishi 2.0 20200302103435

At the beginning, I couldn’t believe it was true. Nike planned to buy it and try it. If it couldn’t be done, it would be returned to the logistics department soon. It was opened up and studied carefully. It was determined that it was really comfortable to wear, and the number of sizes was very right. In the future, he would buy shoes at your house

It’s not genuine. I’m too lazy to quit! My husband said that this is the same as the high anti cargo of Putian e-commerce base in Fujian, and the attitude is not very good! I bought a pair of size 41 small shoes and returned them after wearing the clip feet, but a pair of size 40 shoes have not been delivered yet. Because they are smaller, they usually wear 40 and 41 shoes, and those who haven’t delivered before don’t always accept my return. They said they have been delivered, but later I said that the attitude would be better if they took another pair of photos

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