Comments for Nike Kobe Venomenon 5 20200329154127

3. Shuang Li thinks it’s still a branch brand of nagging venom 5. It was 499 when hd2015 was the cheapest. It’s really hard. It’s basically the same as the blue prime Harper DF 2. It’s really wear-resistant. Venom 5 is usually used in many plastic fields. The crystal bottom has been obviously worn. It’s all hooks. Actually, there’s a pair of levers. This year’s tmac’s one is out of the same pair, but it can’t be photographed after wearing it back home and forgetting to take it back. As expected, it’s still a comfortable boost midsole. Hahaha, it’s basically used to crush the road????????????

The service attitude of customer service is very poor. Originally, they wanted to give them away, but they didn’t have the cover of the packing box of the shoes. They communicated with customer service. Customer service only knew to shirk the responsibility. It was very uncomfortable for people. They won’t buy anything in this store in the future. I hope everyone should pay attention when they buy things in this store

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