Comments for Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo 20200329214115

Comfort: the shoes are very light and comfortable, more comfortable than the 35 ordinary version sole material: there is a lot of glue in the middle sole part of the shoes, serious glue overflow phenomenon style: light, very soft

I feel that the size is a little big. In addition, it’s not friendly to people with wide feet. As for the right and wrong, first of all, don’t ask, 42 sportsmen. The genuine standard is full of overflow…

Nike A kind of Shunfeng’s professionalism in the service industry is really admirable. In the first four days of delivery, in the first six days of delivery, we have arrived at the first six days of delivery????????

It’s very comfortable to wear. It’s like stepping on the cloud. I’m so excited that I can fly hahaha. A few days ago, I went out for a few laps. My feet felt very good. When I received the goods, I checked them carefully for several times, but I didn’t find any defects at present. However, looking at the workmanship of the insoles, it’s really not as good as the store.

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