Comments for Nike PocketKnife DM 20200603115942

Please don’t buy this kind of shoes. If you can’t wear the same size and size, you can’t wear the return voucher. If it’s invalid and you don’t have to return it, you should take the hundreds of dollars as my waste. Don’t buy it. Really, don’t buy it

Overall, I don’t feel good. Generally, there are many problems in the process of shoes purchase, but at last, the consumers pay for them… It’s not recommended to buy. There is glue overflow. The comfort is not good. Absolutely bad!

The packing is very easy. The shopkeeper says it’s genuine But from the perspective of appearance and packaging, it’s questionable that there is nothing but a pair of shoes in the open box. All the other nike shoes I buy will have Nike bags and anti-counterfeiting codes and other things, followed by the sense of feet. Normally, the shoes I wear are 43. I bought a 44 size larger if I wanted to increase the pad, but it even squeezed my feet?? The sole is very hard, especially slippery on the wooden floor If you don’t pay attention to walking, you will sprain! I’m disappointed in my shoes, and I’m too lazy to go back. I can’t give them away for another day. To be honest, to be honest and to evaluate, there are no other factors involved.