adidas Ultra Boost X

Adidas ultra boost x belongs to the strongest running shoes of Adidas ultra boost series. It is the top running shoes designed by adidas for girls. It combines the advantages of the strongest running shoes ultraboost and women’s exclusive running shoes pureboost x, becoming the strongest running shoes for female sports enthusiasts. Adidas ultra boost x adopts Adidas as the home shock absorber boost technology, and the finer boost particles bring super energy feedback and shock absorption feeling. The signature twist system is fully embedded in the mid sole and extends from the forefoot to the heel, making the ultra boost X more stable. The primeknit upper has an X-band at the middle end, which makes the shoe more suitable for women’s foot and provides better wrapping performance. With its powerful performance, ultra boost x, which combines street style and sports practicality, is sure to help women runners break through themselves.

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