Comments for Nike Air Maestro 2 20200302225220

Women’s basketball shoes are really hard to buy. It’s hard to buy a pair of suitable and favorite shoes. Chinese red is my favorite. The shoes are comfortable and elastic. The family is very good. Not only fast delivery! The packing box is also very nice. Follow up after actual combat.

The package is very good, the foot feel is perfect, I think it’s very bulky, the result is surprisingly light, the price is super good, Nike’s workmanship is not to mention, the shoes are very playable and handsome. The first time I bought shoes in beacon fire, I felt pretty good. That is to say, why the packaging carton is an ordinary carton, not the beacon fire one, which looks a little cheap.

I have bought a pair of shoes in the store many times, and the delivery and logistics are very fast. They are very nostalgic. They have a good appearance, feel good on the feet, and have a good wrapping. I look forward to the actual effect and praise!