Comments for Nike Air Vibenna 20200303105132

Good shoes, but casual shoes. It’s a little heavy, winter shoes. It’s a little hot in summer. Counter like 699. 207 here. The price is right, 42 is bigger. It’s hot. The shoes are thick. The vamp has perforations, not bad! Let’s see how many years we can wear it!

The shoes are very good-looking. The soles are not very soft when they are new, but they are also very easy to wear. According to the visual inspection, the soles of this kind of material should be soft for a period of time. The size is not too small. You don’t need to buy large shoes. The shoes with high cost performance in Nike are recommended!

My God, that’s really nice. I like its perfect sole. I want to walk on my back – no problem – the real chicken will arrive in one day. At first, I was afraid that the number was wrong, and the result was just the first online purchase in 2019