Comments for Nike Air Zoom Fly 2 20200303045123

Take back the new shoes, wear them to work twice, and glue them on both sides of the left foot. After maintenance, wear them to jog once, go to work once, and glue them on the right foot again. No temper Unable to make complaints about it.

Mainly look at shoes! As a senior Nike powder. Let me evaluate it. I have the moon 6-7. Flemmie 2-3. Free5.0 and zoom elite 8. Generally speaking, this pair of shoes belongs to the entry-level running shoes. The rebound is average and the grip is average. Poor encapsulation. No fly lines and dynamic support. But sole carbon 1000 is enough! Good wear resistance. Normal training is OK. No problem in half a horse. Lighter than elite. Usually there is no pressure to go shopping.

The shoes are light, 44.5 is still a little tight. The next time I buy 45, it’s been on the market for more than a year in 2015. The yellow is gone, and the blue is not inferior to the yellow. I can buy them. I don’t know why Nike’s physical stores in China are getting smaller and smaller, and some of them are very simple!