Comments for Nike Ambassador 8 20200302165134

Today, looking at the shoes I bought before, I suddenly thought that I couldn’t buy them after looking for them. They were the most arrogant shoes I was proud of at that time!

It took so long to comment. I didn’t think the high-end shoes were good before. The first feeling is really soft. It’s a good pair of shoes for big players who like to jump shot and rebound.

Remember, in 2016, the shoes were only 500? Why is it so expensive now But the shoes are still very good. The zoom air cushion is very soft and elastic. It took me a year to step on it, but it’s also small after stepping on it. It’s a pity to give it away

It makes the air cushion very soft. It’s just like stepping on shit. It’s very comfortable. It’s very strong. The grip is the same as no shoes. The feet are on the floor. The shoes will be bought for about 6 months. The cement is also very wear-resistant. The shoes are a little dirty and yellow. It’s worth trying