Comments for Nike Essentialist 20200327154208

The sole looks very thick, but in fact it’s very thin. What’s thick is the insole. Both the insole and the appearance of the sole are slightly higher than the one yuan coin, so when you buy it, it’s really a half yard bigger than usual. I like this kind of weaving inclined surface very much. Although the workmanship is simple, it is very generous and comfortable to wear. The delivery and logistics are always fast and frightening. The order was placed in the afternoon the first day and arrived early the next morning.

The first feeling is light, soft and comfortable to walk. As for the shoes, the toe is really flat, but it does not affect the appearance, and it is still very beautiful and fashionable. It’s good to buy what I need. The 41 I usually buy fits me perfectly. Praise one!

The shoes are so light and light. It feels like they’re not wearing shoes. They’re suitable for spring, summer and autumn. They’re not suitable for winter. I’ve bought a lot of Nike shoes. This pair is my favorite. The black gang’s white background style, with a mature and stable low-key. The seemingly simple and rough style exudes a kind of beauty of rough mineral.