Comments for Nike Hyperfr3sh 20200303231810

The first time I saw Zhao Yun was when I got off the train two months ago at the high-speed railway station. I saw a boy in front of me wearing a black color, but I thought the shoe was just a word. It’s so cute!

It’s very light. I can’t feel the weight on the bed. It’s wrapped well. It’s not suitable for summer wear. The sole is half wear-resistant. White sole is easy to get dirty, but it’s very cost-effective.

Shoes received logistics today. Soon, it’s less than two days from Urumqi to Ningbo. Shoes are very light and comfortable. I’m satisfied. It’s worth wearing them for a while

Can the fourth pair of shoes in this shop hope to give some small gifts to old customers, such as socks, masks, gloves, ha ha ~ shoes are very light, which is difficult to wear… Good comments!